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Terms and Conditions

These terms and conditions apply to all tickets bought and sold using a subdomain of, or through any affiliated websites hosted through a third party which use the MerlinTickets source code (“Merlin Tickets” or this “Site”).

By buying or selling any tickets through Merlin Tickets you agree to these terms and conditions. This page may be updated at any time to meet business or regulatory needs, so please be sure to check this page when buying or selling tickets to fully understand the conditions of our service.

Information about us

Merlin Tickets is owned and operated by Merlinsoft Ltd (“we” or “us”). We are registered in England under company no. 08791279 at BBIC Innovation Way, Wilthorpe, Barnsley, South Yorkshire, S75 1JL.

Our relationship with you

Merlin Tickets maintains active business relationships with visitor attractions and events organisers (“Our Customer’s”) for whom we facilitate ticket sales, and Ticket Buyers (“Buyers”) for whom we process ticket purchases. These terms and conditions govern both relationships.

Merlin Tickets has no role in the organisation, marketing, management or payment processing for events or admissions. Therefore, Merlin Tickets has no direct responsibility for any events or admissions listed through the Site.

Merlin Tickets and Buyers

Purchasing tickets through Merlin Tickets

To purchase tickets through our Site, please follow the URL as provided by Our Customers, the event organisers. Where the Merlin Tickets Widget is in operation, tickets may be chosen directly through Our Customers’ website, prior to being redirected to our Site for completion.

Certain events or admissions may be bought with a choice of date & time (“Session”), in which case a choice will be presented. Please ensure the correct Session is chosen to ensure acceptance at the venue.

Some of Our Customers may also offer multiple choices for each Session, for the purpose of identifying customers and offering concessions (i.e. Family, Junior or Senior persons discounts). For such tickets, Our Customers reserve the sole right of refusal if they feel an inappropriate ticket has been purchased. Merlin Tickets accepts no responsibility where a purchased ticket is determined to be insufficient for admission.

Payment and refund policy

The full price and summary of your chosen tickets, including any booking fees as chosen by Our Customer, will be presented to users of our Site on the confirmation screen prior to orders being finalised.

All payments processed through Merlin Tickets will be processed through a secure third party payment gateway by an authorised Payment Processor chosen by Our Customer. Such Payment Processors include but are not limited to “Stripe” or “Worldpay”.

Tickets must be paid for at the time of booking, and will be deducted from the credit, charge or debit card entered when making the booking. Payment of that amount will be collected by the Payment Processor on behalf of Our Customer.

Once tickets have been purchased, any refunds, order issues or complaints should be resolved by contacting the events organiser or venue of admission (Our Customer). As we do not handle payments, we accept no responsibility for their verification and management, nor do we accept responsibility for orders not fulfilled by Our Customers.

Merlin Tickets and Our Customers

Selling tickets online through Merlin Tickets

You can work with us to sell tickets online by contacting a Merlin Tickets or Merlinsoft representative. This can be done by emailing, filling in our enquiry form, contacting us via social media, or by calling 01226 294413.

On contacting Merlin, we will discuss your requirements and build a booking portal that reflects your brand. We will also help you to setup your first ticket types and payment gateway so you can start generating income straight away.

Once setup, we will host your website at a SSL certificated “” web address ready to take orders. We are also able to host the Site on a vacant owned domain of your choosing.

If you are already a Merlinsoft customer, you can denote which products you want to sell online by checking the ‘available online’ option in Merlin Back Office. Please contact us to setup a booking portal for Merlin 8 to connect to.

Our charges

Our charges are invoiced at month end based on a percentage basis. The percentage is charged on the total value of payments processed using Merlin Tickets for the month . We do not charge any upfront fees to setup your Merlin Tickets booking platform.
Our rates are:-

2.5% of total online sales for Merlin Tickets customers
2% of total online sales for Merlin 8 customers

Please note, a minimum charge of £10 per month applies. Where payments are outstanding after the due date, we reserve the right to withdraw our services until the balance is settled.

Where Our Customers have unique requirements for their booking portal, such as custom templates or unique features, we are able to create bespoke solutions as a premium service. Please contact us if you have any unique requirements.

Payment gateway charges

Merlin Tickets uses third party integrations from secure and licensed payment processors in order to make charges to Buyers accounts. Our Customers are required to create or use an existing account with Worldpay or Stripe in order to take and receive payments through Merlin Tickets.

For customers without an existing payment gateway account, we recommend using Stripe as an established, low cost and reliable payment gateway. Their charges are 1.4% +20p per transaction, and an account can be setup at Stripe allows users to set a payment schedule in order to receive payments within a few days of the transaction being placed, and also provide logs of transactions and facilitate refunds when necessary.

Free events

Merlin Tickets can be used as a booking resource to distribute free tickets to events. As our fees are percentage based, we do not charge for free events.

Claiming Gift-Aid on admission

Merlin Tickets allows charity attractions to request and claim Gift-Aid on admissions and eligible events. For admissions to be eligible, you must be a registered UK charity, a 10% donation must voluntarily be given, and the Buyer must willingly consent that they allow you to claim Gift-Aid on the full value of the admission, including the donation.

In order to collate responses and submit Gift-Aid claims, you will need to be a Merlin 8 customer. Merlin 8 includes a feature to compile Gift-Aid donor declarations from both front of house sales and online; and allows you to submit these to HMRC directly through our submission tool.

For more information on claiming Gift-Aid, please visit the website at

Booking fees

Merlin Tickets allows Our Customers to add a booking fee on a per-ticket or per-transaction basis. There is no minimum or maximum fee that can be added, and this would be added at Our Customers discretion. Where booking fees are charged, the full amount will be receivable by Our Customers. Booking fees are included within the total value of payments for the purposes of calculating the percentage based fees charged by ourselves and your chosen payment processor.

Equipment rental

Merlin Tickets offers the option to lease or purchase ticket redemption hardware packages as part of our Queue Buster solution in order to quickly validate tickets on the Buyers’ arrival. This is done so at an additional cost available on request.

Where equipment is issued on a rent or lease agreement, you as Our Customer agree to insure all equipment on a full replacement basis against the risks of loss, theft or damage; and accept full liability for any issues arising from the use or misuse of our product.

Our Customers and Buyers

Data protection and privacy

Merlin TIckets endeavours to make every effort to protect your right to privacy. As users of Merlin Tickets, you accept that we may process personal data or information which can be used to identify you, for the purposes as described within our privacy policy. Please note that our privacy policy may be updated and so you should check it regularly. Our privacy policy can be found at

Linking and framing from or to Merlin Tickets

This site may contain links to third party websites which are not controlled or monitored by Merlin Tickets. We accept no responsibility for the content of these sites, or for any loss or damage that may result from using them.

Merlin Tickets and all subdomains within Merlin Tickets are protected by an SSL certificate. When visiting a Merlin Tickets site, please ensure that you have been linked to the site from a trusted source, that the domain is spelled correctly, and that the domain confirms our SSL certificate (i.e the domain begins with https://).

Exclusions and limitations of liability

Merlin Tickets facilitates the sale of admissions, events, products, vouchers and memberships to Our Customers using our online booking portal. This service acts as an intermediary between Our Customers and the Buyer. Our Customers maintain full responsibility to ensure the fulfillment of any goods or services made available through their Merlin Tickets booking portal as described to the Buyer at time of purchase.

Whilst we endeavour to ensure minimal downtime and to rectify site issues as soon as they appear, we can offer no guarantees as to the availability of the Site at any time.

Save as provided below, we exclude all liability for all loss and damage incurred by you or any user in connection with this Site. Without limitation, we exclude all liability for the following: direct, indirect or consequential loss or damage.

Nothing in these terms and conditions affects, limits or excludes our liability for death or personal injury arising from our negligence, or our liability for fraud or fraudulent misrepresentation, or any other liability which cannot be excluded or limited under applicable law.


If any part of these terms and conditions is found to be invalid or unenforceable, then the remainder of these terms shall remain in full force and effect.

If we fail to exercise or enforce any right we have under these terms and conditions, this does not mean we have waived that right and we may still exercise or enforce that right later on.

Jurisdiction and applicable law

The English courts have exclusive jurisdiction over any claim or dispute arising from or related to Merlin Tickets or referring to these terms and conditions. These terms of use and your access to Merlin Tickets are governed by English Law.

Contact us

Merlin Tickets is owned and operated by Merlinsoft Ltd. If you have any concerns or wish to contact us for any reason, please complete a contact form or write to us at Merlinsoft Ltd, BBIC Innovation Way, Barnsley, S75 1JL.