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How can I sell tickets to my event Online?

Merlin Tickets is an easy way to create events and sell them online. We will never post adverts or your competitors events on your site, and you will receive payments daily, rather than after event.

How can I prevent ticket fraud at my one-off event?

Merlin Mobile is a great way to scan your guests tickets as they arrive without incurring any additional costs. This will confirm that the ticket is indeed both for your event, and hasn’t already been scanned.

How can I check in large groups of people?

To manage much larger groups, we can sell or lease tablet based check-in systems. These will use 2d barcode scanners to verify tickets from customer printouts or mobile devices. As the information is synchronised immediately, you can run multiple check-in stations without risking duplication.

How can I scan tickets if the event is in a remote area?

In remote areas where internet access is poor or unreliable, it is possible to verify tickets by using one of our tablet based leased check-in solutions. Our software can download your list of attendees and verify guests on arrival.

Can I print out a guest list of my attendees?

Yes, your customer details will be recorded at point of sale and this can be downloaded in excel or csv format.

How can I make sure my customer records are compliant with GDPR?

Part of your booking process will include terms and conditions which will authorise you to use your customers information in the explicit circumstances as described. Should your customers later wish to have their information removed, you can anonymise individual records without affecting sales reports.

Can I have my event run over multiple days, or have different time slots to book?

Merlin Tickets allows you to set different time or day slots for your customers to choose from, without having to look at multiple different events.

Can I send automatic reminders to my customers?

Merlin does not use your customer details for any kind of automated marketing, although you may choose to do this in-house using your list of customers. Our webstore does include Google Calendar integration to let your customers set up their own reminders should they choose.

Can I find out who my customers are ahead of the event?

Your web portal can be customised to ask questions of your choosing for the tickets available for purchase. You may for example wish to find out children ages, dietary requirements, or if your customers have any preference for a gift on arrival.

How can I encourage repeat visits?

Merlin Tickets includes the option to collect marketing consent. Once collected, this creates a powerful marketing resource to entice past customers to visit again. In addition, Our e-ticketing system supports the addition of vouchers onto your ticket purchases. Offering a percentage discount off future orders is a powerful tool for a growing attraction.

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Package Options

Online Only

  • FREE template based platform
  • 2.5% invoiced monthly in arrears
  • Choice of payment gateways

Tablet Based

  • FREE template based platform
  • 2.5% invoiced monthly in arrears
  • Mobile App for external or one-off events
  • 8” or 10” Tablet & Scanner options
  • Choice of payment gateways

Fully Integrated

  • FREE template based platform
  • ‘Bespoke’ design services available
  • 2% invoiced monthly in arrears
  • Merlin ‘Super-Touch’ terminals
  • Range of peripherals
  • Full venue management package with Merlin 8
  • Choice of payment gateways