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How can I let my customers book online?

Setting up an Merlin Tickets site will allow you to sell tickets in advance without the need for a physical box office.

How can I improve queue management at my club?

Once you have a proportion of your customers booking their tickets online, you will be able to split queues into cash and fast-track. Fast track tickets can be verified from a scan which takes seconds, and a faster moving queue will encourage your customers to buy tickets online using their mobiles.

Can I use the ticket system to work with reps and vendors?

Yes, Vendor solutions can be implemented in a range of ways. Codes can be used to track vendor purchases, customers can be asked who referred them, or rep sales lists can be corroborated with your customer lists to attribute sales manually.

I want to sell tickets to students with discounts, can I do this?

Yes, you can offer multiple ticket types to the same event even where there is a maximum capacity in place. The data from the split ticket types can then be used to identify how many of your customers are students and non-students.

How can I find out who my customers are?

Customer information can be gathered in whatever way you prefer, terms and conditions of sale will ensure the data complies with GDPR, and additional consent can be gained to use the information to promote future offers and events.

How can I find out what my customers order?

With Merlin 8 EPOS systems, you can register customers and issue membership or discount cards. Whenever these are used, sales will be tracked against their account to be reported on in future.

How can I automatically adjust prices at the till for certain customers?

By using our membership functions, you can set up to 5 different discount levels, applied to products of your choosing whenever they make an order and scan their card. Without their card, each member can still be found using their postcode on our on-screen search functions. Such schemes can also be renewed annually with prompts at point of sale a month in advance of the renewal date.

How can I reduce thefts in my bar or club?

Our full venue management system includes pre-loaded wristband features which can be scanned at the tills and associated with individual user accounts. Your customers can pre-load credit on entry and use the bands to make drink or food purchases when using a Merlin till system.

Can I find out how my customers found out about us?

Yes, questions can be added to your checkout process to find out where your customer’s heard about you, so you can plan your future marketing accordingly

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Package Options

Online Only

  • FREE template based platform
  • 2.5% invoiced monthly in arrears
  • Choice of payment gateways

Tablet Based

  • FREE template based platform
  • 2.5% invoiced monthly in arrears
  • Mobile App for external or one-off events
  • 8” or 10” Tablet & Scanner options
  • Choice of payment gateways

Fully Integrated

  • FREE template based platform
  • ‘Bespoke’ design services available
  • 2% invoiced monthly in arrears
  • Merlin ‘Super-Touch’ terminals
  • Range of peripherals
  • Full venue management package with Merlin 8
  • Choice of payment gateways