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How can I automate my booking process?

Merlin Tickets provides an intuitive sales portal for your customers. After purchasing their tickets, your visitors will receive emailed tickets valid only on their arranged day of arrival.

How can I arrange group bookings for my activities?

Each activity can be set to run at specific times for your customers to book. Within each time-slot, you can set unlimited ticket types. Tickets could include family of 4, groups of 10, student rates or special party deals.

How can I set up limited time discount codes?

Discount codes can easily be added online. Simply Choose a start and end date, which product the code is valid for, any quantity or price thresholds, then create a code for customer use at checkout.

How can I run multiple activities per day?

Our session based booking allows for multiple identical bookings to be sold each day. Your customers will first select the day they want to book, then will be asked what time and shown how many tickets are available for that slot.

What are the benefits of selling my tickets online?

Selling online has three main benefits. One, digital checkouts can be informative in terms of identifying customer demographics and creating marketing opportunities. Two, visitor spend increases as your guests arrive on site without spending a penny on entry. Finally, booking online is a highly accessible conversion tool. This ensures commitment from your customers and improves cash flow for your business.

What can I do to increase visitor numbers to my activity centre?

One of the latest trends of tech savvy shoppers is to look around for voucher codes before planning a purchase or trip. To capitalise on this, utilise voucher codes on coupon aggregate websites and social media to increase your outreach.

How can I encourage repeat visits to my activity centre?

Merlin Tickets includes the option to collect marketing consent. Once collected, this creates a powerful marketing resource to entice past customers to visit again. In addition, Our e-ticketing system supports the addition of vouchers onto your ticket purchases. Offering a percentage discount off future orders is a powerful tool for a growing attraction.

How can I make sure my customer records are compliant with GDPR?

Part of your booking process will include terms and conditions which will authorise you to use your customers information in the explicit circumstances as described. Should your customers later wish to have their information removed, you can anonymise individual records without affecting sales reports

Can I use the ticket system to work with reps and vendors?

Yes, Vendor solutions can be implemented in a range of ways. Codes can be used to track vendor purchases, customers can be asked who referred them, or rep sales lists can be corroborated with your customer lists to attribute sales manually.

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Package Options

Online Only

  • FREE template based platform
  • 2.5% invoiced monthly in arrears
  • Choice of payment gateways

Tablet Based

  • FREE template based platform
  • 2.5% invoiced monthly in arrears
  • Mobile App for external or one-off events
  • 8” or 10” Tablet & Scanner options
  • Choice of payment gateways

Fully Integrated

  • FREE template based platform
  • ‘Bespoke’ design services available
  • 2% invoiced monthly in arrears
  • Merlin ‘Super-Touch’ terminals
  • Range of peripherals
  • Full venue management package with Merlin 8
  • Choice of payment gateways